Not all bunks are equally safe

The Bunk House only provide bunks that are fit for purpose.

We’re often asked if bunks are, other than the look and colour, pretty much all the same. Unfortunately the answer is a definite no. We say unfortunately, because the biggest difference between bunks is the safety of them.

It’s common for lower cost bunks to only be rated to carry up to 60kg. By the time you factor in 20kg of mattress weight, it means that once your child is over 40kg, they can no longer safely sleep on this type of bunk. This might be okay if kids only slept on bunks, but as we all know, bunks become favourite play locations for kids, and it’s common to see two or three kids sitting and playing on the top of a bunk.

Safety is paramount

The last thing we want for our customers, is for their child (or multiple children) to have an accident because their bunk isn’t fit for purpose. As a result, we only sell bunks which have a weight rating of at least 80kg (with most of our bunks rated for 125kg or more). It means that you can confidently let kids play on your bunk without the worry of it collapsing.

Do you have bunks in a holiday home you rent out?

Bunks are a common feature in baches across New Zealand, and a great way to allow more family and friends to stay. But if you rent your bach out at certain times, you’ll want to know that your new bunk is fit for purpose. Talk to us about making sure you have a bunk that’s appropriate for guests - and doesn’t leave you with the risk of a health and safety fine.