Purchase Options

Purchase Options

We accept Visa and Mastercard online, via terminal in-store or phone banking.

In store we do the above plus Eftpos, Q Card, WINZ Card.

For internet banking/direct credits we supply the purchaser with our bank account detail.

For more information on any of these purchase options please click here to contact us


Purchase Sequence

  • Working online, once an order is placed we will confirm your order
  • Detailing description of the goods ordered, model name , size, colour etc
  • Cost to your nominated address
  • Estimated delivery time and any other relevant matter.


Remember we quote on delivery Nationwide.

You would be asked for a deposit if the goods have to be manufactured, or else payment in full for goods to be forwarded as soon as transport arrangements can be made.

You will be notified when the goods are in the transport system with an estimated time of arrival.

We use normal goods carriers as most items on our website are beyond couriers specificied size and weight for packages. However we have found that carriers from door to door to be a very satisfactory system.

We can supply the carrier's name, phone number and the job number to those customers who need very close liaison with delivery times.